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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi Love! I’m Tal, The Breakup Recovery Coach and founder of The Breakup To Badass Formula a 3 month group coaching program where you learn to:

"Let go of your ex, love the eff out of yourself, and be ready for your best relationship yet!"

This program was created because I myself had gone through a series of breakups and after much trial and error found what works in order to move on, recuperate, and ENJOY life! I want to share what I know with as many women as possible, because I first hand know how agonizing it is to be going through this. When I’m not running my business I can be found on a stage belting out a jazzy version of a pop song. I’m also a fan of anything sweet (chocolate peanut butter pie anyone?) and Real Housewives but I digress;).
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